Beloved Guruji - yog vidya

130 ₪
A beautiful hardcover book paying homage to the late BKS Iyengar 1918-2014 From preface: '... This volume contains people's memories of Guruji, in the form of essays, stories, anedotes and experiences. It also includes photographs, illustrations, sketches, portraits, paintings, corresponence letters, poems, images, murals, sculptures etc related to him. There are contributions from Guruji's pupils, Iyengar Yoga students, practitioners, teachers, and Iyengar Yoga associations, asa well as from Guruji's family.' "Yoga means union. The union of the individual soul with the Universal Spirit is yoga. But this is too abstract a notion to be easily understood, so for our level of understanding I say that yoga is the union of body with the mind and of mind with the soul”. – BKS Iyengar, Tree of Yoga.

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