The Extended Chair For Yoga - Eyal Shifroni

130 ₪

The chair is a multi purpose prop that offers a vast number of applications for all types of asanas and all levels of yoga students. It can:

  • Help beginners learn basic poses

  • guide advanced practitioners toward advanced poses.
  • Enable aging and injured people to continue their practice

Since the initial publication of his successful book, A chair for yoga, the author has discovered many new and exciting ways of using the chair for yoga. This new book is an expanded, richer adaptation of the first book. 

  • It more than double the number of variations, while still keeping the original variations from A chair for yoga.
  • It includes more than 600 photos - illustration how to preform each variation.
  • It contains 8 new practice sequences, in addition to the one presented in A chair for yoga. 

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