Vayu's Gate - Orit Sen-Gupta

60 ₪
Vayu's Gate is the first and only book about the Ten Vayus. Yoga practitioners of all levels of experience will find in this volume inspiration and new insights for asana and pranayama practice. The Vayus system is an ancient Yogic practice that has been lost in time. Only few obscure descriptions in Sanskrit texts were left of this profound method. Years of research have led international yoga teacher, Orit Sen-Gupta, to unravel the mysteries of this powerful vayu practice. New realms of consciousness and knowledge of the body open up, as the ten vital vayus, connecting body and mind, are discovered. In Vayu's Gate the subtle and far-reaching techniques of the vayus are brought to life again. A detailed and illustrated description of vayu practice in pranayama and asana is provided, enabling yoga practitioners of all levels to experience the inner presence of the vayus and to adopt the vayus into their own practice, investing it with a new dimension.

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