Props for Yoga 3 - Eyal Shifroni

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"Inverted poses are the hallmark of yoga and its greatest gift to humanity. They, more than any other family of asana-s, have deep effects on the mind….Inverted poses present a challenge for most students. In my experience, props can play an important role in introducing inversions gradually and safely until the student feels ready for the final poses. For all these reasons, I view the present volume as central to the Props for Yoga series." Following the format of Props for Yoga 1 (Standing Asana) and Props for Yoga 2 (Sitting asana and Forward Bends) 2, the book contains hundreds of photos to illustrate the practical, step-by-step instructions. Each asana description comes with an Effects section, explaining the desired effects of using the props in the specified manner, and a Tips section, providing clues about the physical and mental aspects of the asana. The book ends with four Practice sequences, demonstrating the use of specific props for a complete practice. A detailed Index includes pointers to the variations by asana and by type of prop.

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